Pencil sketches showing possible designs for the plasterwork in the upstairs library.

Glen Mary commands sweeping vistas of a plateau region that was Georgia's most fertile land, the cotton belt of antebellum days. Today, this 43-acre site is home to the spectacular, architecturally-significant Glen Mary mansion, an 1840 mule barn, a caretaker's cottage, and the family cemetery. Much as it was 170 years ago, the hilltop home site in rural middle Georgia is set off by pine forest and a pecan grove. 

Today, the Glen Mary property is owned and managed by the award-winning Preservation America Foundation, led by Marilyn Meyers. The Foundation's goals for the property include ongoing restoration efforts on the home's interior, recreation of the gardens associated with the plantation, and conservation of the landscape, rural character, and surrounding open spaces. By booking your event with Glen Mary, you can be a part of the Foundation's continuing efforts to preserve America's cultural heritage and to educate coming generations in heritage agriculture  and sustainability.

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Scenic America designated Glen Mary "Last Chance Landscape" for its rare untouched rural setting, one of ten endangered landscapes in America in 2003. 

Glen Mary was Georgia's first official project of the federal Save America's Treasures program. The White House Millennium Council's Preservation Initiative was led by First Lady Hillary Clinton.

Marilyn Meyers, Executive Director of the Preservation America Foundation.

Glen Mary Plantation, "The Temple on the Hill," is
located in the Georgia heartland, convenient to
Atlanta, Augusta, and Macon.




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